Digital proof of your Covid-19 vaccination

Why vaccipass?

It is time to get out again. We have all been stuck at home for too long now. If you are vaccinated, you deserve to be treated like you are vaccinated. Travel, eat inside and take your mask off at work and school, safely, only by having vaccipass, the world’s best vaccine passport.

How does it work?


Safely take your mask off
and go to public events


Vaccipass validates that
your Covid-19 vaccination
record is real and then
authenticates it.


We use Artificial Intelligence

Digital Proof

Easily prove to anyone that you are vaccinated!

The only efficient COVID-19 vaccine passport

It’s so simple

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and scan
  2. We validate your vaccination
  3. Prove to people that you are vaccinated!
  4. With vaccipass you can take your mask off in public places
  5. Share/send your vaccipass to work, school, or camp as proof of vaccination

The tech

Vaccipass uses revolutionary AI and Machine learning technology to ensure that the vaccination record is valid. If the vaccination card is invalid our algorithm will detect that and it will not allow the user to save the digital card.

Have questions? Find answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vaccipass?

Vaccipass is the world's first vaccine passport to officially launch. Vaccipass makes getting back to normal simple. With vaccipass you can easily go to public places, safely, without wearing a mask. At vaccipass it is our goal to stand up for people who have been vaccinated but still have to wear masks. Vaccipass is a way of proving to anyone, whether it be a country, restaurant, or a family member, that you are vaccinated, and have validated proof of it.

How can I get my vaccipass?

All you have to do to get your vaccipass is sign up. It's completely free!

Once I have my vaccipass how can I access it?

You can access your vaccipass by going to your custom vaccipass link or by logging in from the website on any device.

Why do you need vaccipass?

There have been 1.2 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses given out worldwide, yet everyone who is vaccinated still does not have any way to easily, quickly, securely, and safely prove that they are vaccinated.

What is a vaccine passport?

A vaccine passport is a secure digital way that can be used to show/prove that you are vaccinated.